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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does TextBanking cost?

Standard message rates apply to all text messages, as determined by your wireless provider. TextBanking is available at no additional cost.

How long does it take to receive a response to my text?

After hitting "Send" on your phone, you can expect a text response in just 5 to 7 seconds.

Where do I send my text messages?

TextBanking operates on the shortcode 40293. You may want to add this number to your phone book, under "TextBanking," for easy access.

Which wireless carriers are supported?

TextBanking supports all major carriers, with the exception of Cricket Wireless and Metro PCS.

How do I fix a "Command not recognized" or "Account does not exist" error?

This error could be caused in several ways. First, try disabling the signature on your cell phone. Any characters appended to your message may be misinterpreted by the TextBanking parsing engine. Next, ensure that your phone does not add additional formatting to your message, such as adding a prefix of "RE: ", which imitates an e-mail subject line. Finally, when entering your account suffix, be sure to use numbers, not letters. The letter "O" can't replace the number "0" to represent zero!

Why am I getting more than one message in reply to my request?

Standard SMS text messages may contain up to 160 characters. Responses that require more characters than this must be broken up into two or more messages before they reach your inbox.

How do I cancel the service?

Simply text ‘STOP’ to 40293, or Log In and click “Unregister this Account” below each of your enrolled accounts.

What commands does TextBanking recognize?

Following is a list of commands and their functionality:
BAL: Texting "bal" shows a list of your accounts and suffixes with their current available balances. Credit cards are identified by their last 4 digits.
HELP: Texting "help" shows you a list of keywords and their functionality. Texting "help {command}" shows help on that command.
HIST: Texting "hist {account suffix}" shows a list of recent transactions on that account. Example: "hist 10"
LIST: Texting "list" shows a list of your account suffixes with their associated account types.
LOAN: Texting "loan {account suffix}" shows details on your loan, such as the next payment due date. Example: "loan 1"
STOP: Texting "stop" deactivates your account. You will no longer have access to TextBanking until you register with your credit union again.